Sunday, September 15, 2013

Battered Voter Syndrome

Maybe Barrack was right.  Perhaps we grew up hearing voices telling us not to trust government and warning us about some crazy tyranny.  Barrack may be onto something by encouraging us to wave off those voices, to submit to them, to allow the government to work in the way Barrack sees fit.  Let's see what that means.

If we're going to accept government as a pathway to everything, we really have to get past the mistrust and overcome the idea that the abusive husband is somehow responsible for his actions.  Like the government, the abusive husband is misunderstood in that he really does know best.  When he beats his wife and kids, it isn't out of hate or misery.  No, it is out of love.  You see, the abusive husband simply wants what is best for his family, so he shows them attention.  The government is the same way.  If not for the government, we all might walk off a cliff because deep down inside all of us are lemmings seeking to follow a criminal down the path to destruction.

When the government prevents us from hurting ourselves, it is for our own good.  We cannot possibly know when to quit drinking sodas, smoking cigarettes, or how to take our birth control.  Likewise, the woman who received the severe beating from her husband ought not have looked at him so harshly or perhaps should have fetched his beer sooner.  The government simply needs more authority to do its job.  Without more authority to kick down doors, it is quite possible that even your next door neighbor may be abusing cats, or worse, molesting them.  We really need to put a stop to this tomfoolery.

Currently, as our government grows, we get more and more guidance, which of course we need to survive.  What if no laws existed to govern the production of toothbrushes?  Can you imagine the oral decay that would occur?  We would all look like the Deliverance Gang, yet not all of us actually grew up in Kentucky.  I don't want to worry about my teeth falling out simply because Toothbrush Inc. decided to sell me a pipe cleaner as a fake toothbrush.  How will I know without government inspections on the toothbrush plant?

In short, the government is not at fault when the NSA spies, the IRS bullies, or people die in Benghazi.  In Fast and Furious, those weapons needed to be sold to druglords in Mexico in order to punish supposedly law abiding gun owners.  We all know they aren't law abiding.  They simply had not had the time to commit a crime yet, but they will eventually.

Give the government the benefit of the doubt, and stop hating abusive husbands.  Better to be abused and loved than to have never been loved at all.  The shackles only hurt a little bit and even then only for a short period of time.  Relax, it's just a pin prick.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

A Non-Intervention Approach

As Americans, we have the fortune to be buffeted on both sides by large oceans with neighbors to our north and south who ostensibly are our allies and peaceful.  The rest of the world throughout history has fought regular conflicts right in their cities, but modern weaponry brings new capabilities to places not seen before.  We ought not ignore what may be a provocation to another, and we should not take lightly that our might exercised incorrectly is unjust.  Woe be it for our nation to be the oppressor.

I'm not afraid to fight.  Having been a Marine, it comes natural, but I believe in fighting for a cause worth defending.  When called and threatened, I can meet force with force, but do not take advantage of my willingness.  To send me and my kind into a battle that is not our own is foolhardy at best and dangerously oppressive at worst.  

What we need to provide for ourselves is security, and security always comes in the form of stability.  Will attacking Syria achieve stability?  If attacking Syria can remotely result in instability, then the attack should not occur irrelevant to the justifications by humanitarian reasons.  Will attacking Syria result in a conflict spilling outside of the borders?  Does history demonstrate this?  History demonstrates that middle eastern conflicts stay regional and do not go global.  In short, there is no precedence for an uprising in Syria to spread outside of the Middle East.  There is a precedent for unseating secular dictators that results in total instability.  Is instability good for America?

Syria without Assad may very well result in another religious government.  Would this be better than the current secular dictator?  Look at other middle eastern religious government like Iran.  Are their ayatollahs friendly?  Do they advance our interests?  Or do they work counter to our interests?  I think the answer is clear.

Unseat Assad, the secular dictator, and risk throwing Syria into religious extremism.  Further destabilize an already volatile region and we will lay the groundwork for the next generation of extremists to invade us covertly in order to bomb us in our own country.  If we cannot maintain a non-interventionist strategy for the middle east, we will eventually bring the conflict to our own cities, and what then?

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Capitalism Works. Use It.

Remove the government from economics and you have at the very lowest level, people trading with each other, deciding on their own what everything is worth.  Ever been to a yard sale?  Ever buy a car?  People buying a selling makes the economy go.  Government regulations?  Not so much.  Capitalism.  Always worked.  Always will.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I Stand With Rand. Still.

Wonderful way to grab a sound byte and twist it to your will.  Unfortunately for this meme, actions speak louder than words.  Show me when Rand prevented people from walking to a river and collecting water, from digging a well to pump water, or from placing out cisterns to collect rainwater, and I will tell you he is a communist.  Since none of these are what he's discussing (if he even said these words), I call BS on you Rand-haters.

No one has a "right" to have their water delivered to them, in bottles, pipes, or otherwise.  Water is a natural resource, and I've never heard anyone claim to own it at all.  They sell a service in collecting it and distributing it or in purifying it.  If you have a problem with that, go find your water the way people did thousands of years ago or the way they do in Africa right now.

Rand is one of a handful of people Congress right now fighting Republicans and Democrats alike to shine a light on government interference.  Actions, ladies and gentlemen.