Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Point of Viability

A fetus at 20 weeks has a brain, responds to external stimuli, and studies show it can feel pain.  Further, a fetus at 20 weeks can potentially survive a premature birth although in an incubator for a while.  One may argue these facts at 20 weeks, but 24 is the generally accepted time at this point.  Rowe vs. Wade merely states that up until the time a fetus becomes viable, the decision to terminate is a medical decision, but it does not state that after viability (24 weeks) termination is OK.

If you want to take a stand before the 24 week mark, that is fine, but let's not hide behind R vs. W to legitimize the killing of infants after the medically accepted point of viability.  When that 24 week infant is extracted from the womb, it stands a good chance of survival because it is viable.  

This isn't religious.  This is science.  Viability.  The ability of a fetus to survive outside the womb at 24 weeks is scientifically proven, yet the left wing chooses to fight for the right to terminate up until the day prior to birth.  Not a zygote.  An infant.  To snip his/her spine in the eighth month is nothing different that flicking the switch on an incubator in the NICU of a 2 month premature baby.  Don't euphamize it, and don't legitimize it.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Being in the Corporatist State

I can't believe there are people who think that the party of their affiliation is actually against the corporations that they seemingly cannot stand.  Bizarre.

Both political parties reap millions from corporations and politicians reap millions from lobbyists working for coroporations, so when you see a bill that supposedly "restricts" a corporation, how can you sincerely believe that there are no lobby dollars behind it.  As a matter or reason, one might think that politicians--with reputations to vote with their donors--would not then vote against the companies who supplied their donations.  Ridiculous.

Regulations are barriers to entry that prevent smaller companies from ever being able to compete against the so called "oligarchs" as some of you choose to call them.  Ask yourself this question: If Henry Ford lived today, would he have been able to build his car and get it to market?  The answer is no because the large auto manurfacturers have paid lobbyists who managed to buy regulations and red tape that would put Henry Ford in jail or at least keep him from realizing his dream.

If you claim to be anti-corporation, then you really ought to consider being anti-politician.  They are hooked together at the hips.  When you hear of a law that supposedly "protects" the people, you might ought to ask yourself who really stands to gain from this law.  There isn't a single law passed that does not benefit someone somewhere.  Companies always benefit from every single regulation, i.e. regulatory capture.

Claim to be for the little guy, yet rail against freedom and privatization.  In the corporatist state, the little guy is the only one with freedom left until they convince you that you really do need to rent the air to breathe.  Wake up people.  There are no second chances.