Saturday, December 21, 2013

Hands in the Cookie Jar

I have a good friend in politics, and we chat a good bit about current events.  This is an email I wrote him regarding the recent budget that passed:

To the point you made a day or so ago about everything being cut (in the budget), it occurred to me that at the point in time when so many people have their hands in the proverbial cookie jar there could be one of only two solutions: break the hands or break the jar.  I submit to you that both must be broken in order for the problem to be eliminated.  The politician seeks to constantly remake the cookie jar through means of repainting while the hands always seek the newest opening.  Until the opening clamps down on the probing finger, a probing finger will always probe.  Until the cookie jar is shattered, someone will always want to fill it with cookies, especially when the recipients of the cookies are so willing to love the baker.

Poison the cookies, bind the hands, and dash the jar.  Create a society where each person maintains his own cookies, is forced to bake them on his own, and is allowed to keep his cookies under lock and key, and armed guard if required.  Touch my cookies without my permission and the toucher shall be appropriately bent into the shape of a carnival pretzel.  Allow those ascribing the fallacies of Karl Marx to create their commune as long as it does not infringe upon those of us who ascribe more to John Locke and Adam Smith.  I would rather see a Marxist absolutely smited by the Invisible Hand as to play with them any longer.