Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A poignant thought on racism...

What if the only racists are those talking about racism?  Think about it.....

Monday, July 21, 2014

Malaysian Jet "Crisis"

Am I the only person who thinks this Malaysian jet is nobody's business except for that of Malaysia, Ukraine, and the individual countries' who citizens were on board?  Might anyone ask why this professional jet might be flying anywhere near or around such an area of instability where ground to air missiles might be circulating?  How many of us would actually drive through a ghetto just to save a few minutes drive time on the way to grandma's house?

I feel for the victims' families, but the fact that it is a travesty to them does not make it a travesty to me.  Many more people die every year of even worse deaths right here in America, and does it make it so much worse simply because it was on an airplane and there may have been a reasonable expectation of safety for the travelers?  If you die when a drunk driver hits you on the freeway or you die because some idiot shoots down your plane, you are still dead, don't you think?

How did Putin's name get drawn into this, and why am I being told that he needs to take responsibility?  When is the last time that our President took responsibility when our country errantly hit civilians in a bombing run while we carried out operations in Afghanistan or Iraq?  I'm not thinking I've ever seen such a thing, but since he's Russian, and I've been taught to hate Russians, he should just do it?  Why?  How about this: Ukraine is not a stable country, and stuff like this happens in unstable countries.

So, we're actually just mad at Putin because he may be contributing to the instability of the Ukraine.  What exactly was our role in Iraq again?  Oh yeah, we dethroned their President and created instability because we didn't like the leader or his government.  How's that working out right now?  And please remind me, what exactly was our role in Libya?  Oh yeah, we dethroned their President and created instability because we didn't like the leader or his government.  How's that working out right now?  Yes, an assassinated ambassador along with a bunch of dead Americans.  Upon further examination, it doesn't appear to me that Russia is doing anything in Ukraine that we are not actively doing now in other countries as well.

Have terrorists ever used stolen American weapons, or even weapons we gave to groups who turned terrorist, against friendly elements?  I bet more than one plane has fallen victim to an American stinger missile albeit not commercial, but how many other innocent people have been attacked by weapons we sold to pariah states?  Think back to the early 80s when we supplied pre-Al Quaeda mujaheddin with weapons to fight the Soviets before they turned against us.

Why is John McCain castigating Obama for attending a fundraiser instead of addressing this "crisis"?  First, let's be thankful that for once, Obama DIDN'T open his mouth and promise something we don't need to do.  Second, do we really need our President addressing every world "crisis", and if so, what is the threshold?  This time is was 289 people, but is the minimum 100, 50, 10, etc.?  Why not hold it to 500?  Or even 1,000?  The tsunami was a significant event killing a quarter million people.  I'd accept a presidential address for something such as it.

I just have such a hard time believing that I'm the only independent thinker anymore.  Show me a dead American, and I'll show you my concern.  In the meantime, take the Putin accusations, the cries about a new cold war, the political posturing to throw the other party into the fire, and anything else resembling Chicken Little, and you can shove it where the sun doesn't shine.  Our priorities ought to be on America and American interests, and no one ought to let the media, or the politicians, persuade us to care about anything else besides our own homes and families.