Wednesday, October 1, 2014

To my disadoring fans (disgruntled followers, LOL)

Regardless of how you interpret what I write, I can tell you who I am and what I mean.  I'm a civil libertarian if you need a title, and I believe in freedom.

I believe that both sides of what you consider the political spectrum: the left and the right, sold themselves to corporate interests.  The left goes a bit further in my view to restrict personal liberty which is contraindicative of how they sell themselves to the general public.  The left forces me to pay into a collective and gives my wages to people who have not earned it, able bodied people.  I have no problem with disabled and mentally incompetent people receiving public assistance.  The left wants to restrict my speech, my freedom of religion, my freedom of association, and my ability to protect myself.

Political speak and the spectrum as we know it is completely wrong.  I believe in limited government, and I cannot understand why other people do not.