Saturday, November 15, 2014

Why I'll never compromise.

Gun owners know that any give on our part always results in take by the other part. It is one reason why I, personally, will never consider any restriction, reasonable or not, upon my ownership rights.

All too often, in states such as New York, California, et al, what started as a small restriction under the auspices of public safety converted into a gun grab by those most ignorant of what legal gun ownership really entails.

Law abiding gun owners are not criminals, and criminals do not buy guns legally. Just like anything bought illegally, there will always be a source. Even the military has weapons stolen from it.

Laws meant to prevent criminals from buying guns actually have the opposite effect of preventing normal people from exercising their rights as free individuals.

Crime prevention is not law enforcement and is the reason why police cannot arrest anyone until a crime has been committed. Crime prevention starts with you. You cannot reply upon your legislator or your neighborhood cop to do it for you.