Wednesday, December 10, 2014

My Thoughts on Torture....

I don't know if the torture report from the Senate reports facts or opinion, but I'm going to give mine. People should not be tortured. Period. Anybody who thinks we should has seen too many movies and read too many books. If you grew up when I did, you saw plenty of movies with Chuck Norris in POW camps, and we villainized the North Vietnamese for torturing our prisoners. It isn't wrong for someone to do it to us but right for us to do it to others. Congratulations, if the report is true, we became the enemy.
I also do not approve of the way the report was handled, especially not if the CIA simply followed the orders of the President. It is a great example of what happens when you have weak leadership at the helm, willing to listen to whatever he is told will work. We went through eight years of Bush and now eight years of Obama. Do the math. Sixteen years without a decent leader, and many people actually blame Congress. Blame it for what? If you want to blame Congress, blame it for being too complicit with the plans of a President instead of acting independently as it is able to do within the framework of the Constitution.
The job of Congress is not to work for, or even with, the President, nor is it the President's job to tell Congress what to do. This is a fault of our two party system. When one party controls both branches, you get exactly what I just described: the President becomes the de facto head of Congress, and you get crap like Obamacare. Great job America, way to read your Civics textbooks. The only way you get true government oversight in this pathetic two party system is to have each branch controlled by a different party.
Dear geniuses, the government was designed to be gridlocked with each branch jealously guarding its own authority and privilege. That's what prevents overreach. What's so difficult to understand about that?