Thursday, August 29, 2013

I am a free man

At the end of the day, I'm a free man. If I push back, it's because I see people dragging me into statism where you have to apply for everything, and the centralized control ends up being controlled by money. I don't have the money to buy a favor; do you? Allowing the state to grasp control over your money and control your ability to buy and sell is nothing less than attaching the leash to your own neck, and it doesn't happen overnight. One hundred years ago, people lived and breathed the same as they do now except that now you have to have a permit to do anything, but you are OK with it because it is all you've known. You vote for more of it because "Security" is the promise, and piece by piece, you sell your kids into a new age of indentured servitude. You can keep it. As for me and mine, we will fight to prevent it.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Pensions Are Cannibalizing the Nation’s Young People by Joy Pullman

So true.  The law of conservation of energy states that energy is neither created or destroyed.  It is analagous to capital.  Government mandated pensions simply redistribute capital thus negating people's natural drive toward self preservation, and it sounds something like this, "Well, that's taken care of, so I'll just go do this instead of that, like buy a boat, or smoke more cigarettes."

The lesson of scarcity for big government types to learn is that people, like animals, will wake every day intent on feeding, clothing, and sheltering themselves.  When you provide those services free of charge, it boosts capital above naturally scarce levels and enables them to allocate their capital in otherwise irresponsible ways.  Have you ever seen people using food stamps for their food and then use their own money for beer and cigarettes?  If they had to choose between food and beer with their own scarce resources, what would they choose?  Let them live and die by their own choices.  Food or beer.  You decide.

Pensions Are Cannibalizing the Nation’s Young People - Joy Pullman - Page 1

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Statism: The End Justifies the Means

No shortages exist of statist people wishing to bring down the republic. Ignorance of history is no logic, and these people produce nothing yet take everything. Their Machiavellian ways submit the end to justify the means, and no matter what gets in their way, they seek to destroy it. Theirs is an uncivilized way that seeks to subvert the individual in favor of the state, to minimize and marginalize the individual at the cost of freedom yet done in the name of that which it destroys. They are a scandalous clan. Elitist to the core, they will not stop until the little people (we) pay enough taxes that their rich and lavish lifestyles may be supported without interruption on the taxpayer's dime.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Political Censorship in Progress: Did Missouri Rodeo Clown/Obama Stunt Go Too Far?

I am a private citizen, and I approved this message:

Respect for elected officials?  Reverence for those chosen to lead us?  At what price, and at what cost?  Further, who decides when criticism is disrespectful or has gone too far?  It sounds like a job for the Morality Police to me, but wait, we do not have that....yet....

As Americans, we reserve the right to treat disrespectfully anyone that we choose.  All one needs to do is pick up the newspaper to see the pages littered intermittently with articles decrying politicos of both parties, so why are we supposed to care when one receives a particularly pointed attack?  Have you ever seen Saturday Night Live?  If not, and satirically horrendous comedy offends you, then you better start asking the FCC to police our discourse because SNL is one show that takes presidential criticism to entirely new levels.

Clown Obama Missouri: Did rodeo stunt go too far? -
Personally, I take part in elections, and politicians are employees of the government.  Politicians have no hereditary advantage or unique assignment in receiving their office; therefore, we owe no allegiance to any person tasked with serving the country--especially when they volunteer to do it.  Before you start feeling sorry for politicians, take a look at their compensation package, which continues for life, and their benefits package.  Keep in mind that they just exempted themselves from Obamacare while the rest of us suffer through the unknown.  How many of you go to work everyday and eat worldclass cuisine for a paltry $5 per meal at a taxpayer funded, high class diner right on site in the capitol?

Upon last examination, I discovered that the history of politicians holds plenty of corruption, and when tasked with the greatest decisions, the short end of the stick hits the public up side the head most of the time.  Considering everything to which politicians have subjected us, who will hold them accountable if not for the American People?  So far, the American People are not doing such a hot job, yet we are supposed to refrain from throwing personal insults or having good fun at their expense?  Spare me the civilities while I shed a tear for Lord Nelson over this conundrum.

Most egregious of all are people who proclaim that this rodeo stunt had something to do with Obama's blackness.  Really?  As if there is not enough Sharpton and Jackson around, do we need to immediately assert that criticism of Obama is racial?  What about this: I think Obama is the biggest doofus ever to enter the office of the President.  Did I utter the word "black" once in that sentence?  No I did not because his color has nothing to do with it.  I can accept a President of any color as long as the person supports my free way of life, but even if the person does not, it is not because of the person's color.  All people, white, black, orange, yellow, and redneck, are capable of being idiots.  Take a walk through New York City to see for yourself.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Government and Monopoly

The US government is the only monopoly allowed by law. Why would somebody think that a monopoly in government would be so much more efficient than a monopoly in the private sector? if monopoly works so well, then why not establish one for every product?

Inefficiencies and abuse. That's why. But somehow we think that giving our own government more control will achieve a different result. Are we a nation of adults or of adolescent school children? You decide.

Government Sponsored Elitism

Does anyone really believe that government--run by existing Democrats and Republicans--can stop this from happening, or can we agree that government predestines for this course?   Citing early reviews, the Breitbart website described Damon's latest movie "Elysium" as a "big-budget action film that condemns a future Los Angeles where the super-rich use their wealth and privilege to separate themselves and their families from the city's poor."

In the subject article, Jeb Bush Says Matt Damon's a Hypocrite, Matt Damon seemingly castigates us for not allowing the government to have more control?  I don't get it.  You favor public schools, but you want private schools because public schools are somehow not allowed to be as great as they once were.  Is it just me, or is this double speak?

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Abuse of power

Only through the continued abuse of power will the American people be driven to action. Hoping that it stops is naive and unproductive. If you want to unleash the beast, you must rattle it's cage....