Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Conservatives for the Little Guy

Liberals say conservatives support big businesses. No. We don't. We don't support big business because big business buys votes and bastardizes the system.

Conservatives support small business, freedom to do what one chooses, and reduction in protective regulations--bought and paid for by big business--that create barriers to entry for anyone with less than millions of dollars to compete against the largest companies.

Conservatives are not pro business. Conservatives believe in the little guy.

You can read about a big business plan to pervert or system here.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Death of Innovation

If Henry Ford lived today, I doubt he would be able to build his car, let alone bring it to market.  Corporate regulations, paid for by big businesses, would halt his ability to complete his dream.

Winds of Change

Since the beginning of recorded history, has there ever been a country or government to withstand the test of time or the winds of change? Has any government ever not experienced such major change that shook it to its foundations to make it new again?

I don't think such a country has existed, and if not, how arrogant--and naive--are we, as Americans, to presume that we could never undergo the same fate?

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sebelius: Obama Didn't Know About Website Problems Before Launch

Isn't this how all Presidents, on the eve of their most historic initiative which they've undertaken, discover the glaring flaws in their most cherished programs?  Is this not Obama's biggest, most important "accomplishment" as president?  Does anyone but me ever wonder why Obama only hears about problems after the fact by watching the news?  Do we realize that what it means is that the news media knows more than the "leader of the free world"?Here's a person who supposedly ordered the secret killing of bin Laden, yet he doesn't know that a website doesn't work after a two week government showdown that preceded it and in the midst of tons of negative publicity provided to it by the GOP.  

One might actually think that a proactive person would ensure that a program of such importance to Obama might be tested a thousand times just to ensure success so that he would be able to thumb his nose at his opponents and scream at the top of his lungs, "I TOLD YOU SO!!"  Instead, we hear from Sebelius the quote below, yet her quote doesn't make any sense at all because if she means what she says, then what does it say about her ability to complete "The most important work I've ever done in my life".  

Wow, the most important work you've (Sebelius) ever done, and it failed in front of 250 million people.  Isn't it a bit like walking out on stage thinking you have your clothes on only to discover that you are actually naked?  I challenge anybody to point to a chief executive as inept as Obama and his "team" of nonchalants.

Sebelius: "This is the most important work I've ever done in my life — delivering on an historic act, making sure that we have health security for the millions of Americans," she said. "I think my job is to get this fully implemented and to get the website working right ... I work at the pleasure of the president."

Sebelius: Obama Didn't Know About Website Problems Before Launch

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Freedom rising

Are we the fringe? Are we in the minority who believe Obama is a fool? Are we isolating ourselves from the rest of society who actually like this guy?

If we are not, then where is the outrage? Where are the angry hordes demanding an end to his antics?

I'm losing hope in this body politic. These moochers who demand more from me while refusing me that for which I have worked are beyond tolerable. They are dastardly devils bent on class destruction to the ill will of those who have more. It is a jealous rage that drives these freeloaders to the point of their own destruction.

I'm ready for freedom. I'm ready for justice. I'm ready for a constitutional rebound that will set back in place the rights which the moocher class chipped away like beavers building their own little fortress. If there be justice in this world, then let it be brought down upon their heads for the country which they destroyed.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Answer To Internet Sales Tax

My answer to sales tax fairness between brick mortar companies and online retailers? Abolish the sales tax. It is outdated apparently, and why give the government more regulatory authority than it already has? Freeing the brick and mortar store from its responsibility to pay sales tax instantly levels the playing field.  If the government or voters don't like that, then shift the burden to the consumer. In the same way the state expects its residents to pay sales tax on their own initiative when purchasing from online retailers, let consumers use the honor system when purchasing from brick mortar stores as well.


Friday, October 18, 2013

The Nature of Mankind

It is the nature of mankind to seek control over others.  It is also the nature of mankind to resist being controlled; therefore, in order to control anyone, you must first convince them that they want it when they really do not.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Principled Stand Against National Healthcare

Someone asked me to convince them why the fight against Obamacare is not based upon greed.  I stated that the Founding Fathers did not intend for big federal programs to exist, and his response was that they had no concept of such programs.  There's nothing to convince.  While government healthcare may not have been conceived during that period, other social services were.  There may be an argument for national healthcare, but it is not a Constitutional one.

Who said anything about greed?  I'm not greedy, yet I oppose it.  I am rational; therefore, I know that anything the government stimulates results in malformed equilibrium.  It is not possible for the government to create mandates without setting an entire situation off kilter.

As long as we rely upon other individuals, not ourselves, to provide healthcare, it will not be a basic right.  In other words, not everyone will have access to everything because the supply is limited.  Complicated brain surgeries, heart transplants, face transplants, experimental cancer treatments, etc. are all limited by scarcity of supply.  Someone needing treatment will be denied.  If it were a human right, there would be no denials, and since it is a person actually performing the medical service, who is anyone to order them (the doctor, hospital, or treatment center) to do it?

If I'm a brain surgeon, I may choose not to operate on someone for my own reasons.  You cannot force me to do it; therefore, your need for a complicate brain surgery may be a need to you but not to me.  You have no right to care.  I may provide it, but it is up to me to decide, and you are free to seek care elsewhere.

The move afoot to identify health care as a human right, as if it were air to breathe, is a bastardization of principles.  Identifying healthcare as a right obligates individuals (doctors) to provide care when they may not choose to do so.  We are not cattle, and we will accept orders for only so long.  The pile of barricades in front of the White House is proof enough of my point of view.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Government Shutdown: Day 14

Is it just me, or did the government stop picking up all the dog poo? I understand furloughing the park rangers, but the dang dogs still got to go. Seriously, stuff been piling up in my yard ever since the government poo collector stopped coming after the government shutdown.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Government Shutdown: Day 13

Here it is, Day 13 of the Government Shutdown.  After the plague of frogs and now the boils, I'm not sure what the next problem will be.  I saw what looked like tiny flying horses today with huge stingers on their tails, and the rivers have turned blood red.  For a moment, I even think the sun went black.  I think they were right about this Obama dude.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Statistics and Truth. Two Different Realities.

The real truth about statistics is that it is possible to pull numbers that demonstrate a correlation between food stamps here in America and genocide in third world countries.  The lesson learned is that you can pull and manipulate statistics to match your viewpoint all day long, but what you cannot do is manipulate the human spirit to accept that which they find unacceptable.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Government Shutdown: Day 8

To my chagrin, I'm now foraging for nuts with my neighbors, the squirrels.  I figure that if anyone knows how to survive during a recession, it has to be the squirrel.  Laugh it up people, but when the dollar falls out and you find yourself panning for pennies at the local pool, I'll be sitting high and dry up in the oaks with a fist full of acorns and pecans chowing down.  And when the revenuers come to collect my nuts, I'll be chucking some down and giving something to cry about.  That's the problem with Obama, he wants to put his hands all over our nuts as if he doesn't have his own or can't find them.  I guess it mostly comes from the fact that his wife looks like a beaver: big buck teeth with a big fat tail.  If she was more squirrel like, he might keep better track of his nuts.  But then again, Obama shows more in common with a gelding than with a steed.

In short, here it is folks, from the heartland.  John Shepard foraging for food in advance of the government shutdown's fallout.  Remember, you heard it here first!

Government Shutdown: Day 7

Today was the dog's day of reckoning.  He got neutered for the good of the people.  Due to the shutdown, our vet was to be furloughed at the start of next week as part of government indoctrination into a new form of birth control.  When asked by the vet if he wanted to keep his nuts, the poor dog just said "Woof".  WTF?  You would think it would be higher on his priority list, but I guess not.  It will be government cheese and no more tail from here on out.  God save the Queen!

Words of Wisdom

One of the great downfalls of our society is an activist judiciary which does not seek to limit government but to find ways to justify it.

Strength in Numbers

Oh this is so well said and true. When we gather together to withdraw our influence, we can change the world.

Monday, October 7, 2013

We No Longer Own Our Federal Land

Due to the shutdown, people can no longer access federal lands. What happened before the land was a national park? Seems to me that lack of guards has  nothing to do with access, or at least it shouldn't. Whose property is it anyway? The taxpayers'. Ability to protect it from what? Ourselves? Who is in charge here? Is our them?

When we establish a national park, is it predicated upon the ability to  provide professional supervision? Why? In the absence of federal law enforcement, are we not allowed to live our lives? Are we barred access from our national treasures? What would happen if the park service were to be given permanent furloughs? Permanent shutdown?

The entire situation is a power grab by the federal government, and the fact that we have allowed it to come this far is outlandish. It is the perfect example of how dysfunctional government is and why they shouldn't be in the business of running anything.

When police go on strike, do they close the streets? The city Hall? When no lifeguards are at the beach, do they close the beach, or do they post a sign describing how you must swim at your own risk if you insist upon swimming? Federal officials have no moral authority to close a park simply because they cannot man the park.

When federal furloughs prevent park services from running, what is to stop the park from remaining open without services? Are there not rangers currently barricading the entries? Those park rangers can respond to distress calls instead of blocking entry. It might even be possible to let visitors know that dangerous conditions exist that prevent officials from responding right away. Further, county sheriffs are constitutionally responsible for protecting life and property anywhere in their counties. One might presume that a sheriff's office might respond to calls about violence or vandalism at the park.

The only reason to shut a park at this point in our society would be to exert power over patronage. The ability to close private companies down on private land is something that only a bureaucrat could enjoy. Common sense dictates that these private companies might actually provide sufficient community supervision in the absence of park officials, but then we might just discover that these rangers might not be needed so much after all.

The fact that certain companies are allowed to remain open while others are shuttered is suspect as well. Upscale hotels in parks remain open because they are "leased" while common concessionaires are closed? Never underestimate the power of elites to find loopholes that exempt them from the plight of the common man. Coincidence that one in question is in Feinstein's neck of the woods?

Regardless of political persuasion, it is entirely obvious that the American people are victims of political gamesmanship. The party in power limits access in hopes that it will blow up in the face of the minority party because the minority power chose to use the only remaining leverage that it had. The truth is that there was no need to negatively impact anyone. Open air monuments need not be closed, and parks could remain open if not for average voters wanting to actually visit--the goal being to anger them to vote out those being blamed for their exclusion of course.  The people currently guarding the parks to prevent access should be providing the services and ensuring access to land the taxpayers pay taxes to enjoy.

As Americans, our ability to enjoy our land ought not depend upon the government's ability to ensure our own safe conduct, and local law enforcement can already protect life and property. Welcome to the world of being a political pawn. Now let's hope our brothers and sisters wake up, rebuke the administration's efforts to restrict access, and speak loud and clear that we will never be caged. No exceptions.


Sunday, October 6, 2013

Government Shutdown: Day 6

John Shepard reporting from inside the Government Shutdown right here at its epicenter: The Shepard Household.  As expected, the alarm clocks seem to be running a bit slower today no doubt due to the government clock failing to send out regular updates.  It also appears that cell phone service is getting faster now that the NSA relay awaits funding.  We went to church this morning and found that it surprisingly is still present.  Thinking that the government wrought disaster might shake to the ground all private institutions, we did not know what might be left of the church building, but we were pleasantly surprised.  More annoying than anything are the neighborhood dogs which seem to be defecating in yards more ever since the shutdown began.  Notwithstanding the minefields left by roving canines, the ravaging hordes of feral cats have been getting more gutsy now that the Human Society may be furloughing their workers.  Oh yeah, and the milk I bought yesterday spoiled.  Stand by tomorrow for my next update, right here in middle America.

Proud to be American

Proud to be American, but embarrassed by many of those who call themselves Americans. You and I are not of the same mold. I remain the same self sufficient type of patriot that founded this country while so many of you have become the freeloading type of leech who merely sucks the life from that which we built.

My Contribution to the Discussion?

Someone asked me in reference to the debate over healthcare: What contribution do you wish to make?  On the surface, it sounds like a great question.  What a great way to foster constructive debate, but wait a second.  Who is anyone to have a say in anything that affects me?  What follows is my response to this individual's presumption that we should have a debate at all:

It isn't my responsibility, nor the government's, to make your life, my life, or anyone else's life any better than what each person decides to make of his or her own life.

In short, I have no contributions other than what I may do to help my fellow person one on one.  What you, and others like you, need to learn is to mind your own business, and stop meddling in the affairs of free people.

No one in our society deserves anything other than the freedoms delineated within the Bill of Rights.  If you desire help or assistance, you should get a job.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Government Shutdown: Day 5

This is John Shepard reporting on Day 5 of the government shutdown as felt within my own domicile.  As expected, the shutdown hit hardest upon the milk supply.  Today, my milk ran out.  Short of finding a cow, I've decided to make a run to Sam's Club and pick up another gallon or two.  Let's pray they have skim because the 2% tastes like cardboard.  In other news, our toilet paper supply is holding steady although we've rationed the kids to two squares per wipe, and we've locked up the kleenex.  Who would have thought that a government shutdown would result in picking our noses with bare fingers because the Kleenex supply is not guaranteed?  Oh, the humanity!  In any case, I am at work today because the shutdown has not had the desired effect of giving me time off.  Perhaps if I worked for the government, I could take a much deserved break, but curse these people wanting to give me money for services.  This dang private economy is for workers, and I'm about fed up!  I'm ready to go surf some waves from TS Karen dangit!  Government shutdown, you are pathetic!  You can't even get a shutdown right such that I can get some time off!!!!  Standby for future reports on the government shutdown as it unfolds.  Right here.  In the heartland.  John Shepard signing off.  Be safe, it is a riotous mess in the streets.

Friday, October 4, 2013

The Last Stand

And when we've had enough, when we've exhausted all patience, when the last drop of sweat is rendered from the ploughsharer's brow, when the last of the people have had struggled too long, then we will stand, but by then, will it be too late?

Government shutdown: Day 4

Day 4 of the government shutdown is almost over. I'm at a birthday party for my son and the good news is that the pizza is still warm and the cake managed to have sugar in spite of the shutdown. Riots have not begun in the streets but tourists are everywhere. They still have their clothes on. More later.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Cruz Against the Establishment

I'll tell you one thing: One word describes Ted Cruz. American.

An anonymous senator complains like a baby because Cruz gets more attention. Reach down and grab a pair you crybaby. Cruz gets more attention because he commands it. It is called command presence.

If the rest of you senators had backbone, then we wouldn't be in the predicament that we're  currently in. Cruz would not have had to go nuclear. You weaklings in the senate needed to be shaken from your sleep.

Establishment senators became complacent in their fat and happy ways. Becoming what we most despise, they decided to live off the graft of DC instead of standing on principle, so Cruz, Paul, and Lee lit a fire that the others could not extinguish. Let it burn. Raise the flag. Let us stand!